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        Five Successful Strategies for Marketplace Advertising

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        Are you retail ready? Establishing a presence online, monitoring it, defending it, and growing it presents a major challenge to advertisers whether you’re selling 100 or 1,000,000 products.

        Let’s say you’re launching a new product on your site: how do you successfully advertise your product to buyers and deliver a best in class experience to them with promotions?

        Sign up today to find out how to:

        • Prepare, optimize, and protect your valuable product data to be retail ready for all channels including Amazon, Google, Instagram Checkout and Walmart
        • Set up cohesive promotion strategies across Google, Amazon, Facebook
        • Use outside factors such as inventory to impact product performance
        • Get your attribution right to accurately allocate budgets
        • Save time & maximize your ROI thanks to automated bidding and Dayparting

        Sign up to our webinar, Five Successful Strategies for Marketplace Advertising, today to learn more!


        David Waltzman’s Bio

        David collaborates with partners to build a robust ecosystem for extracting, optimizing, and syndicating product data. He brings years of experience in both cloud and design software. David has managed engineering and sales teams that have enabled clients to reduce time to market while improving product quality. David has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from UCSD, a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA as well as an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

        Andrew Todd’s Bio

        Andrew is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Marin Software where he is tasked with building innovative digital advertising functionality that helps brands grow online. His voice at the company is largely that of the customer – helping ensure that Marin delivers what the market wants. Prior to his time at Marin, Andrew worked at independent agencies in New York and Austin, focused on eCommerce and lead generation. Andrew received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Tennessee and enjoys traveling, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.

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